still sick

No, this isn't me, but it's definitely how I feel. Feels like we've been sick all week. How much chamomile tea can one person consume? 


1st dog...

It's settled. Michelle Obama tells People mag that the family has chosen a Portuguese water dog. We think they should get two [boy/girl of course]. Although we were hoping they would have adopted from a shelter, it's still possible a porty shows up in one right?
The plan is to wait til after spring break in April. 


Ca vet tax rejected

whew! the Ca legislature did something right in rejecting Gov. Schwarz's  proposed 10% vet services tax.
For those of us with high-maintenance sensitive dogs with allergies and the like who are at multiple vets often, this is very good news.
Times are tuff enough without putting our pet care costs in jeopardy.


Shame and sin in Wilkesboro

Sadly, 145 pit bulls were destroyed in Wilkesboro, NC yesterday. 127 of the dogs were seized from a dogfighting operation bust. The rest were born after the raid. All were euthanized without evaluation. Simply horrible and unnecessary. At the very least we certainly wish those involved will be prosecuted fully.
We heard that the NFL 49er org was looking at Michael Vick as a possible hire for q-back. Disgusting, and hopefully a false rumor.


A break in the rain

We've got sunny skies today, the cure for cabin fever. Penny played with her bud Shadow at Wild Thyme this morning. We bake there; it's a fantastic venue for events too. We're hopefully going to help host dog parties [birthdays/weddings] and other types of meet-ups. We think it has tons of potential for furry enjoyment.
Watch this 60 second Best Friends Animal  Society and I'mTiredOnline video. 


"the christening" entry #1

This is our newest Ma Snax feature; Penny insisted. We invite feedback and relevant news.
We're pro-pet people and in the business of making organic handcrafted dog treats. We'll discuss hard-hitting topics like mysterious plastic bags full of dog poop found on wooded hiking trails [why?] and insane food recalls that spin out of control as well as stuff we like and recommend.
Thanks, going to make cookies now.