We're live!

So the new www.masnax.com site is up [yay]...still editing of course, but we're live and we think it looks really good. Please do let us know your thoughts/opinion.
Now it's store building time. We'll have it all up and running soon. the new ZenCart has loads of cool features, can't wait to start offering some to our loyal snackers and new fans.
The "Contact Us" email links are still being worked out, so if you need us, try: masnax@comcast.net for now.



Getting closer to publishing the new site...
We've got the domain pointed to the blog, so instead of a lame "under construction" notice with bizarre ads, at lease you'll get us!

need snax? 
call us at: 707.293.9676
fax us at: 707.293.9679
email us at: masnax@comcast.net

we're also tweeting: @pennysnax
+ we love making new friends on facebook [ link to FB on sidebar ]


web re-design update

We're diggin in and working on our new site and store...the new store especially will be so much better, easy to navigate and have great features.
Just to let online shoppers know, our current store is disabled, so if you want to place an order online, a simple email will do the trick. We're discounting shipping charges as well. It's the least we can do.
There are no service interruptions on our end, we're still baking biscuits like mad. Everything at www.masnax.com is operable, only online shopping is turned off, but it won't be long now.
Contact us directly with anything you need and we'll make it happen!
Tel: 707.293.9676
Fax: 707.293.9679
email: masnax@comcast.net