Five Days

Just five day left to save on Sweet Potato & Ginger Snaps, packaged or bulk. 

Don't miss the sale. Sweet potatoes are the #1 veggy for nutrition. These biscuits are so good for your dog. Enhanced with Bilberry and ginkgo for eye and vision support.  

Handmade in small batches with human quality mostly organic ingredients like rolled oats, molasses, farm fresh egg, flax, cinnamon and of course, GINGER.

A top selling flavor. Your dogs will flip.



Baking weather

Infrequent posters though we are, we've always got something to say, just not a lot of time to say it!

Today, we have a special offer...All of our DIY Baking Kits are on special this week.

We adore this time of of year. HARVEST. 
Cool mornings and evening and warm afternoons simply delight us. It's ideal baking weather, don't you think? 
Try any of our DIY mixes and you'll see how fun and easy it is to bake biscuit and pupcakes for your beloved four-legger. Simple and easy to follow baking instructions are included. Baking is a great activity with kids too. Everyone gets involved.
All of our mixes are made in small batches with natural and healthy human-grade and mostly organic ingredients for the health of your dog.
Our Holiday Biscuit kit is also on sale. Why not pick up a couple to give as gifts? 
The sale ends Friday September 21, so start shopping. You'll be preheating your oven in no time flat.