Doggy Dash/Sacramento

Join us in Sacramento for the Sacto SPCA's Doggy Dash, Saturday June 5. We've got a vendor booth [lucky #13 to be exact] and we'll have plenty of products for sale at show special discounts, plus free samples of snax & cake. This is an early event; it's all over around 1:30 or 2 pm, so some out early and support the SPCA and Ma Snax!


DogParty pix, a week late!

Well our May 15 Wild Thyme event was great fun, but we had a busy week, so here's a couple shots; finally.

There's loads more photos on our Facebook profile page.
We wish to thank:
Did we forget anyone? 

cheers and thanks again.


Nuts About Grain-Free!

Here's our latest new invention...grain-free Super Peanut Biscuits. Grain-Free! Baked with loads of fresh roasted peanuts, organic pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds, kelp, honey molasses, canola and hemp oil.
A spectacular snack.
Introductory offer of 10% off online, thru May. 
Plus, we'll throw in free samples with any online purchase.