February thanks

Thanks to everyone who took advantage and shopped our President's Day sale...
We've got new discounts on seasonal cookies and the lovely and lucky shamrox are back in stock and flying out the door.

Our Cheddar Crackers and Chicken Biscuits have been souped up with joint supporting glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM. We're really happy about it, so is Penny, who is 8 now, turing 9 in May!

Our fun and patriotic USA collection of cookies is here to stay, the year's just getting started; so many reasons to treat your All-American dog to Ma Snax.

Our March Sales flyer will be out soon, with all the featured products for Spring.
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cheers/woof, Ma Snax


Don't make me beg!

There's still time to treat your furkids to a Valentine and have it arrive by the 14th. 
Plus our entire Valentine cookie assortment is 14% off! woof.


Sneak Peek!

Couldn't resist revealing a sneak peek of our newest USA Collection of cookies. We're loading product images and info right now.

2012 is chock full of reasons your dog and you love America...it's an election year, the Summer Olympics are coming up, the America's Cup Yacht race is on the horizon and it's just plain cool to dig the USA.

Remember...our 14% off Valentine's Sale is running until Feb. 10. Thank you and Happy snacking.

Sonoma county residents: stay tuned for Valentine Cupcakes...a benefit hosted by Fit-n-Furry Pet Resort on behalf of Sonoma Humane
Promo starts Monday Feb. 6

3 inch Patriotic bone